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Why Be A Guest On The RocketMSP Podcast

Exposure to an engaged target audience

Whether you want to call them MSPs, TSPs, IT professionals, consultants, nerds, or something else, they're the target audience of The RocketMSP Podcast.

Help the MSP Community

The goal of this podcast is to help the MSP community by bringing them informative, educational, and entertaining episodes for them to enjoy at no charge.

Highlight your expertise

Prove the the MSP channel that you're a thought leader on a topic. Earn their business by showing you're an expert.

Gain content for your marketing plan

Being a guest on a podcast should be beneficial to your professional or personal brand. Share the episode with peers and prospects and create short, to the point clips to host on your own media platforms.

PR often generates sales

While I'll never make promises or guarantees, you should expect to receive some requests for trials or new customer sign-ups after being a guest on The RocketMSP Podcast.

Live streaming podcast episodes

All podcast episodes are streamed live to YouTube. Episodes are marketed to attract a live audience. You could think of the podcast episode as a webinar—we just don't have registration or any other barriers to entry.


Steve's tips for a great episode

I want us to have a great episode together. In order to make that happen I've made sure to have a great camera available, a high quality microphone, and features in the broadcast studio that you can't normally find in most traditional webinar platforms. Here's how you can bring your A-game.

  • Use a high quality microphone like the Blue Yeticaster.
  • Use an external camera, not the one built into a laptop screen. I use the camera built into my MacBook these days—just make sure you raise the camera up to eye-level.
  • Great lighting is critical for making you and your space look amazing on just about any camera. I have two Elgato Key Lights connected to Apple HomeKit for easy voice control.
  • Show up to the broadcast studio a few minutes early for mic/camera check and any list minute preparations.

There are plenty of other ways to improve your broadcasting quality like green screens and stream decks, but the above three items will provide the best ROI of any suggestions I could make.


Are you ready to get started?

If you're excited to discuss the podcast and get an episode scheduled, just click the link to schedule time with Steve and learn more!

What is The RocketMSP Podcast?

I'm making educationalinformative, and entertaining content for MSP business owners along with IT professionals that want to stay up-to-date on the latest tools we use, operational concepts, and insights into the current landscape in the channel.

You should care because I don't hold back and will ask vendors the questions that MSPs want answers to, not just the fluff the vendors want to sell.


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