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Expert Insight and Interviews for MSPs.

The RocketMSP Podcast

In The Know, In The Now for the MSP Channel

You need direct, targeted, in-depth information to help your MSP business succeed. Learn about the latest tools, operational concepts, and insights into the landscape in the managed service provider channel on the RocketMSP Podcast. Get a fresh take from the pro MSP business owners, technicians, and vendor reps in my no-fluff-included podcast interviews. I don’t hold back. I ask the hard questions and dig for educational, informative answers that you need to run and grow your business.

Tune in to the RocketMSP Podcast. You’ll hear discussions on a variety topics relevant to MSP business owners and professionals along with IT pros including:

  • Latest MSP channel tools
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Websites
  • Service delivery
  • Industry predictions
  • Cybersecurity

The RocketMSP podcast will entertain you as you learn. You don’t need a dry lecture. You need real answers to real problems. Listen to the podcast at home, in your office, in the car – that’s the great thing about podcasts, they’re portable and ready when you need them.


Know Me, Know My Podcast

I’m your podcaster, Steve Taylor, bringing my experience and personality into your world. I’ve been an IT professional since 2002, starting my MSP in 2009. In all the years in the business, I’ve tried just about every PSA and RMM known to man. I love testing new MSP software tools. I’m crazy like that. It’s a passion of mine and something that I’m trying to do more for the podcast. I want you to learn what I know from experience and what we, together, can learn from my guests. I want to share my journey for the benefit of your MSP and your career.

You might think, *what else makes this guy tick*? My wife and kids keep me grounded, if not a little crazy. I was married in September 2009. One week after returning from our honeymoon, I was laid off. What’s a guy in a new marriage and no job to do but start an MSP! Oh, yeah, and we were in the middle of a housing crisis, too. But wait, there’s more.

My wife and I share the passion of raising children. We became foster parents for 10 amazing kids. We adopted #9 and #10, who were natural siblings, in June of 2017. They’re now 15 and 8 years old and the keepers of my heart.

My music and my faith are my other passions. I play bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, and sing. I used to be in a couple metal bands in the early 2000s. About 5 years ago, I became a Christian. I’m so excited about my faith and how I can serve Jesus! I help Mosaic Wadsworth part-time as their Tech Director.


Video or Audio? You Decide

Once or twice weekly, I stream my show live on YouTube.

If you prefer to see the conversation you can watch on YouTube while we're live or after the livestream is over. I upload the audio podcast version for you to listen on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Pandora, or another podcast app. Subscribe to The RocketMSP Podcast on your favorite podcasting app, and you’ll never miss an information-packed episode.

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