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What is The RocketMSP Podcast?

I'm making educationalinformative, and entertaining content for MSP business owners along with IT professionals that want to stay up-to-date on the latest tools we use, operational concepts, and insights into the current landscape in the channel.

You should care because I don't hold back and will ask vendors the questions that MSPs want answers to, not just the fluff the vendors want to sell.


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How The Podcast Works


One of the most important pieces of the podcast is searching out the best guests to interview. My #1 priority is to bring you quality content-having great guests is an important piece of the puzzle.

No Registration Required

Your privacy is important to me. That's why I don't require any type of registration for you to watch. You can even chat with us and have your questions answered while the episode is streaming live!

No Editing

Episodes are recorded while streaming them live to prevent the need for post-production editing. This means you'll get immediate access to all future episodes with no edits, no paywall, right from your favorite apps.

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