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You're always one of the people that matters in this MSP community.

At RocketMSP we've built a camaraderie that translates into growing and nurturing your business.  Our close-knit community fuels innovation, learning and support among its members.  Rocket MSP provides both the tools and environment you need to succeed.  We excel at helping MSP's with gross revenue below one million dollars.  Your MSP has a home here.  Whatever your needs or however you want to grow, you'll always find yourself among friends at RocketMSP.

Video Archive

See ad-free popular podcasts and members-only videos available for immediate download.  Hours of extraordinary footage ready for when you want to get the juices flowing and are looking for that spark to make it happen.

Marketing Vault

RocketMSP is a partner with IT Rockstars to offer the basic version of their marketing platform as a service native within the Rocket MSP membership environment. Enjoy unique features:

  1. A new, weekly blog article is posted each Monday.

  2. The monthly printable newsletter is available to edit, print, and ship on the first of each month.

Document Library

A value-rich repository available to all members.  This is where infographics, articles and other tidbits come ready to download.  Members love the tried-and-tested document packages, like the amazing new Cybersecurity Inforgraphic, featuring answers to common sales objections, onboarding documentation, and much more.

Weekly Accountability Meetings*

Every week RocketMSP meets with several groups of up to eight MSP business owners.  We discuss the events from the week, providing a chance for trust building, knowledge sharing and idea suggesting that enrich the community.

These 60-90 minute meetings are less 'in your face' than they are 'what's on your mind?'  They're a vast resource where everyone from elders to new-bloods share knowledge and talk about those real world opportunities.

*These meetings are available to members that are serious about taking their MSP to the next level.

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[I] put a contract in place and gained the confidence to take on bigger jobs. Camaraderie and trust has been amazing! I can trust every single person in my group to give me guidance.... The marketing content supplements my current marketing efforts incredibly. One advantage that RocketMSP has is how affordable it is. For around a billable hour's worth of income I am able to get an incredible team in my corner.

Wayne P.

Maumee Geeks

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The Foundation

Our basic plan gives you everything you need to be a productive member of the RocketMSP community.  Your MSP will benefit from The Foundation's solid feature set.

This plan is very affordable at forty-two dollars a month.  Every MSP, from the mature business to the start-up, will find it worth the investment.  There's a ton of content that constantly updates and is targeted to the real-world needs of today's MSP's.

Coming Soon!


  • Marketing Vault

  • Document Library

  • Video Archive

  • Private Slack Community

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Up until joining, I felt lost because I didn't know what to do.  [At RocketMSP] I got a ton of guidance and feedback on my ideas. I've also gotten a huge confidence-boost over time with business management. Getting feedback from peers has been invaluable. [My] business has largely transformed through a combination of everything from [your] service.

Ben Emond   |  TechWatch 24-7

Private Slack Team

Our Slack team is private and strictly members-only. MSP leaders from around the world discuss common goals: Who doesn't want to make more money, grow faster and be more efficient?

Features You'll Love

With good people you need good tools.  Our offerings let MSP's and IT gurus find the answers they need for their business.  We update ALL our features constantly.  The world is always changing; we help you keep up with the pace.

Not sure what MSP tools to use?

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